ウッジ第二高校・関西学院千里国際高校 交換プログラム                  

                       Pland   Japan       

17th Feb

Japanese students and Polish students met first time at University in Lodz.

They seems really nervous at first time, but only one hour they spending time together they became friend already.


During the time, students were walk around                                                                University we had first teacher meeting .

Headmaster of Kitasanri high school told us   lot of history about that school.

This school is really freedom and advance open mind which is really good way of thinking for students, I thought.                                                                                    


初日はウッジ大学にて開会式がありました。   はじめはポーランド人の学生も日本人の学生もとても緊張した面持ちでしたが、1時間もするとあっという間に仲良くなっていました。 その日は、開会式のあと学生たちはウッジ大学とその周りを歩き、私たち教師は打ち合わせと行いました。そこで、北千里国際高校についての歴史や校風などを たくさんお伺いしました。                        千里国際高校が自由な校風で、かつインターナショナルで思         考が広く、多様性尊重を重視している点などに非常に感銘を受けました。                   


We went to field trip to Leczyca castle together.

There were lots of historic buildings and staff that                                                 interesting to see.

That was really good for everyone to know that                                                    Poland has old history and own culture such as Japan.

I really like both country’s sprit which is regarding                                                                own culture and history as important.  









 19th-20th Feb

Had Japanese lesson together .

We tried to play Japanese traditional hand game called “Alupus Itimanzyaku” .

I’m glad that everyone was really active to play it and had fun !



Both of students had presentation about Lodz, Poland, Oosaka and Kitasenri Kokusai Highschool.

That was really amazing presentation .

I proud of them!!!!


北千里国際高校が自由な校風で、かつインターナショナルで思考が広く、                                                              多様性尊重を重視している点などに非常に感銘を受けました 




They also try to make “ORIGAMI” together and exchange letter with partner.

I hope they enjoyed it!!:)


We had free time every ecening, and Polish students took care of Japanese students.

They were showing around them to Museum , Piotrkowska street , Manufactura and Famous park.

We were little bit pressed for time, but still we had so much fun together !!!:)



21th Feb

Last day, (already…) we went to Japanese embassy in Warsaw . Unfortunately, we haven’t chance to see ambassador of Japan bit it was still good experience for them I hope.



Time for say good bye.

I am pretty sure that they became really good friends, that’s why it was tough to say good bye for them. They were crying so hard…

I really hope Polish students can visit and see them again in this year !!!








I am honored to have this amazing opportunity.

I woud like to thank all of the people who have been involved this big event.

Really appiciated…                                         

                                                                              ( Jaspanese language teacher M.H)